What information do we have about conditions that affect agriculture in the Puyallup Watershed? 

Puyallup Watershed Gap Analysis

Curious what other agricultural resilience efforts have looked like?

Literature Review

TAG Meeting Reports 2019-2020: 1st TAG Meeting Report, 2nd TAG Meeting Report

What are we doing next (2020-2022)? Here’s our Draft Study Plan.

Questions about the Clear Creek Agricultural Resilience Action Plan? Read our FAQ. Here’s info about our timeline.

Compiled Reports from Farming in the Floodplain Project 2016-2017:

Looking for a short and sweet version of our research that captures the highlights of our findings? Download our Fact Sheets below!

Farmland Impacts | Sediment | Tide Gate | Flood Risk | Drainage Inventory | Findings and Recommendations

Final Findings and Recommendations Report

Findings and Recommendations Report (with Appendices)

Farmland Impacts Memo

Tide Gate Memo

Upstream Development Memo

Drainage Memo (Final)

Flood Risk Memo

Existing Conditions Report

Drainage Inventory Preliminary Findings Memo (Appendix)

Sediment Memo

Research Plan

2016-2017 TAG Meeting Reports1st TAG Meeting Report, 2nd TAG Meeting Report, 3rd TAG Meeting Report, 4th TAG Meeting Report, 5th TAG Meeting Report, 6th TAG Meeting Report

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Below are other resources relevant to our work in the Clear Creek area, including maps, reports, photos, presentations, and websites.