Existing Conditions Report

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We are pleased to share the first milestone in the Farming in the Floodplain Project- the Existing Conditions Report.

This report examines the current conditions that affect agriculture in the Clear Creek area and uses the context of “risk” to discuss what future actions might increase or decrease the risks that impact long-term agricultural viability.

This report is the result of many months of technical research, three Technical Advisory Group meetings (including local farmers and growers), and conversations with farmers and residents in the area. The report informs the workplan for Phase 2 (August 2016-June 2017) of the Farming in the Floodplain Project, which will explore specific risk factors in depth in order to inform recommendations on addressing risk and benefit to agriculture for projects in the area.

Download the report: Existing Conditions Report

A cover letter providing context for the ECR in relationship to the grant that funded it: Cover Letter

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