Drainage Inventory starts September 20th

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On September 20th, the technical contractor, ESA, will have a field team in the area working on a drainage inventory. Work will continue through September 28th. This work is expected to help the agricultural community and Drainage District 10 in a number of ways, including:

  • Providing a more comprehensive understanding of how the drainage system (not just the parts owned by the drainage district) works;
  • Providing information that can help with planning of future maintenance activities and that could help fill out permits (though we will not provide permit-level survey data);
  • Will make recommendations for needed maintenance activities; and
  • Will provide a baseline for existing conditions so that the County’s proposed project and other future planning and project efforts can be appropriately evaluated for their impacts or improvements to drainage.

We will be reaching out to landowners in advance of this work to discuss any questions you might have and in some cases, request your permission to access the drainage ditches adjacent to your property.

A preliminary report will be made available in late Fall.

For more information, see: Drainage Inventory Information Sheet

Some of the information collected includes:

  • Channel locations (tracked with GPS)
  • Locations of road crossings, culverts, junctions of ditches, etc (tracked with GPS)
  • Channel size (width, depth, depth of water, depth of sediment)
  • Channel condition
  • Channel substrate
  • Type and density of vegetation (both in the channel and adjacent to the channel)
  • Culvert size and condition
  • Photographs of channels at each measuring point

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