TAG meeting #1

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In the first round of the Farming in the Floodplain Project, our Technical Advisory Group (TAG) meetings were a really successful and productive way of bringing together agricultural landowners, community members, regional technical experts, and local flood/farm/fish staff. We are currently planning 4 TAG meetings for this round of the FFP, and held our first meeting on December 10th, 2019.

After briefly reviewing the work plan for the next 18 months of the FFP, we focused on our efforts to write an Agricultural Resilience Action Plan for the Clear Creek area, and gathered input from the 25+ folks in attendance. The goal of the Ag Resilience Action plan is to create a document that would identify a suite of actions that could address challenging physical conditions, increase agricultural viability, and enhance the resilience of the agricultural community as conditions change. For more information about this process, see ourĀ FAQ.

For more details on the TAG meeting, here are our meeting notes.