The Farming in the Floodplain Project is part of the Floodplains for the Future partnership in Pierce County, Washington State. We are focused on increasing the understanding of agricultural viability and analyzing the impact of future changes to flood and hydrology systems on farmlands (and farm businesses/farmers) in the greater Puyallup Watershed and in the Clear Creek area. We work collaboratively with agricultural landowners to understand, document, and support agricultural viability needs in the Watershed.

Continuing our work in the Clear Creek subbasin, we’ll be writing and working towards implementation of an Agricultural Resilience Action Plan, and supporting on-the-ground projects that improve agricultural viability. The long-term goal of this work is to advance progress toward a collectively agreed upon plan for lands in Clear Creek that supports a thriving agricultural community, while also meeting the needs of fish and flood interests. Within the larger Watershed, we’re working with partners to understand and address the physical barriers (often agricultural drainage) of agricultural viability in Pierce County.

People assembling a pond leveler device.

Beavers: Progress towards solutions

Participants in the Beaver Workshop assembled a pond leveler device, which will be deployed at a dam to reduce the flooding impacts of beavers. On December 6th, 2019, WSU Puyallup (Farming in the Floodplain Project) along with co-hosts Pierce Conservation District, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, South Sound Beaver Recovery, and Beavers Northwest hosted a workshop for organizations who work with landowners and encounter beaver challenges. A main goal of the workshop was to offer resources for landowners who are experiencing impacts of beaver activity on their property, including on- site solutions or beaver relocation. This workshop advanced knowledge … Continue reading “Beavers: Progress towards solutions”


Looking for an agriculture report, a presentation from a recent meeting, or historical pictures of Clear Creek? Check out our resources page for reports, photos, presentations and maps of the area.
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