Agenda for the Puget Sound Region Agricultural Drainage Conference

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The agenda will be updated as panelists and presentations are confirmed.

Register for the conference here by February 1st.

Confirmed presentations/panels:

Ryan Bartelheimer, Snohomish Conservation District (and former Drainage District Commissioner): “Case Study: Can drainage pumps and fish co-exist?”

This presentation will include a summary of lessons learned working with districts that needed to safely move fish through their pump systems. The emphasis will be on projects where grant funding was used to pay for upgrades on small pump stations that supplement the use of gravity drainage through tide-gated culverts. In these situations, no fish screens were used and pumps were chosen that were designed to safely allow fish to be pumped through them.

Crystal Raymond, UW Climate Impacts Group, and Cindy Dittbrenner, Snohomist Conservation District: How climate change will impact Puget Sound agricultural drainage and water management, and what one CD is doing to develop an agricultural resilience plan.

Also on the agenda:

  • A panel discussion among farmers in the Puget Sound Region sharing their perspective of challenges and opportunities for improving agricultural drainage.
  • A panel discussion featuring managers from multiple Regional drainage management organizations, sharing their experience leading the way towards improved agricultural drainage management.
  • Brief presentations on “Issues to Track”, including the Hirst Decision and the Culvert Decision.
  • Meet & Greet networking session for Drainage or Irrigation District Commissioners.