The Farming in the Floodplain Project is focused on increasing the understanding of agricultural viability and analyzing the impact of proposed changes to flood and hydrology systems on farmlands (and farm businesses/farmers) in the Clear Creek area in the Puyallup River Basin. We are working collaboratively with agricultural landowners, and conducting a technical analysis of current and future conditions that affect agriculture in Clear Creek. The long-term goal is to advance progress toward a collectively agreed upon plan for lands in Clear Creek that supports a thriving agricultural community, while also meeting fish and flood interests.

Summary Fact Sheets available!

We’ve created six helpful and simple fact sheets to summarize the results and recommendations from our key reports and memos. These describe our research, what we found, and actions that can be taken to support agricultural viability in the Clear Creek area. Download our Fact Sheets below! Farmland Impacts | Sediment | Tide Gate | Flood Risk | Drainage Inventory | Findings and Recommendations


Looking for an agriculture report, a presentation from a recent meeting, or historical pictures of Clear Creek? Check out our resources page for reports, photos, presentations and maps of the area.
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